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The end product you envision

KD Nutra® offer custom packaging solutions for both softgels and liquids supplements. As a vertically integrated company, our customers can benefit of our in-house packaging service, providing them the turnkey finish product they envision.

Our Softgel Center of Excellence in Miami has a newly renovated and semi-automated packaging suite. Our team of experts can customise end products based on customer packaging specifications. 

The packaging process is a modular, linear flow packaging line with thirteen different machines in place with the capability to pack multiple bottle sizes in various packaging configurations.

Our Liquid bottling Center of Excellence in Norway is unique in that both the  bulk oil iand final bottled supplement oils are produced in the same facility. This in-house capability results in exceptional sensory characteristics, verified by our dedicated taste panel.  The proven stability of  finished Omega oil supplement consumer products. Our deep experience  and decades of perfecting  bottling and packaging solutions for global supplement markets,has led to innovations in the look and feel of the finished products with packaging available in glass, PET, metal and with custom labeling and boxes.  We have a large library of standard flavors and antioxidants that ensure an enjoyable consumer experience throughout a long shelf-life.