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Vertically integrated CDMO for Omega-3 softgels

KD Nutra®´s softgel center of excellence is your CDMO go-to partner for for turnkey softgel nutritional supplements. Our seasoned team of professionals has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing softgel capsules. 

We look forward to combining our technical capabilities with your vision to bring winning products to life, quickly and cost effectively.

KD Nutra® manufactures a variety of softgel products thanks to its Innovagel® Advanced Softgel Technology toolbox.  The scientific and technical teams are ready to help create innovative products that serve consumers’ needs, while setting your brand apart from the competition. Our current focus is on the following product categories:

  • Fish and Algae omega-3 essential fatty acids in all forms, concentrations, and ratios
  • Innovative Omega-3 blends with other proprietary ingredients
  • Single and multi-nutrient blends
  • Herbal blends
  • Non-animal gelatine softgels for a 100% vegan solution

Vegatarian Softgels

KD Nutra® has developed a breakthrough nutritional platform of omega-3 concentrates from algae and now, thanks to its Innovagel® technology processes, can manufacture plant-based softgels suitable for vegan and vegetarian consumers. Additionally, they will have better performance in extreme pH and higher temperature conditions, compared to standard animal gelatin.

Ultra-potent Omega-3 Softgels 


At KD Nutra® we use multiple state-of-the-art purification technologies processes which allow for the production of the highest fish and algal omega-3 concentrations on the market. Higher oil concentrates can be encapsulated in smaller dosage per serving, which result in improved consumer compliance and additional room for complementary ingredients. 

Full range of sizes and shapes

From size 2 oval to size 28 oblong, we can deliver a full range of sizes and shapes to serve your needs. We have twist-offs and cut-offs and will work with you in making custom dies if desired. Additionally, Innovagel® high speed imprinting as well as laser etching machines can help to brand your softgels.

Contact us to discover how our Innovagel® technology can bring your product concept to life!